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LISP in small pieces ebook

LISP in small pieces. Christian Queinnec, Kathleen Callaway

LISP in small pieces
ISBN: 9780521562478 | 526 pages | 14 Mb

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LISP in small pieces Christian Queinnec, Kathleen Callaway
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Lisp in Small Pieces by Christian Queinnec . I bought Lisp In Small Pieces, read 19 pages, then struck out on my own, writing a headcase macro to factor out the repetition from the SICP code, and an interpreter. Download Lisp in Small Pieces Holt, Computing Reviews Language Notes Text: English. Http:// multi-tier programming language for the Web 2.0 and the so-called diffuse Web; Lisp in Small Piecesの著者でもある. 23:32; Blogger ern said Awesome. It's not just an aesthetic consideration. I would add "Lisp In Small Pieces" by Christian Queinnec. Now, the programming concepts book that I really want would be the successor to Lisp in Small Pieces (ISBN 0-521-56247-3), but AFAICT, it hasn't been finished. This entry was posted in Book by tkg. Subscribe to comments with RSS. Am cherry-picking my way through Queinnec's Lisp in Small Pieces, and your syntax-case exposition is exactly what I needed to introduce dynamic bindings. Queinnec's “Lisp in Small Pieces” covers the implementation implications of the choice between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2. I find The Little Schemer and The Seasoned Schemer to be very good complements to SICP and I recommend them wholeheartedly for everyone. Building a Lisp compiler (and environment) can be quite different from building a C or Pascal compiler. Lisp in Small Pieces book download.